November 2021 – Water ingress found when entering the loft space

Just nine months later, when entering the loft space, I noticed some of the fibreboard panels were quite wet. Thinking this was an isolated leak I attempted a crude repair with some flashband.

flashband repair of roof leak
Flashband repair of roof leak

I took the opportunity to begin inspecting the roof from front to back and I was shocked at what I found. Below are a sample of images taken at the time…

There was evidence of water ingress and mould growth on fibreboard panels at multiple locations. There was staining from water streaking down the fibreboard panels that the surveyor suggested I simple pin back up! The loft insulation had been disturbed too. The loft space and roof was in a poor state.

I began to consider if the surveyor should have noticed this and contacted my solicitor. He suggested I get in touch with a Law Society of Scotland Expert Witness to produce a report before taking matters further.

So, I got in touch with Martin Richardson of MPR Consultants.