December 2021 – A Law Society of Scotland Expert Witness is instructed

I got in touch with Martin Richardson of MPR Consultants to help me identify if the issues I had found were present before the survey and if he could explain the cause of them.

Martin offered a desktop report or site visit depending on how much I wanted to spend. I felt I could provide enough evidence in the form of images and videos so opted for a desktop report.

I submitted many images, some of which are visible in the gallery below;

I took a video at the time so show how visible the water ingress was;

Martin was curious if there was any evidence elsewhere that could help understand why the roof was in a poor condition. It was then that I stumbled across a very visible external dip.

A photograph from the property's listing with the dip in roof outlined.
A photograph from the property’s listing with the dip in roof outlined.

The dip was visible in the daylight, as clearly shown in the image above from the property’s listing. A quick check on Google street view, taken from 2012, shows distortion to the same area, so it was clear there was a dip before the survey was conducted.

Google Street view with distorition at roof dip location
Google Street view with distortion at roof dip location

I then provided Martin with a short video of the loft space internally in relation to the external dip.

I also identified that the bathroom extraction unit was venting directly into the loft!

Martin then produced a report based on the information I had provided, which can be viewed here.

To further substantiate the evidence and obtain a cost to remedy, I contacted Taylor Roofs to conduct a site inspection and produce a report and quote.